Fudge Cowpie

We came up with the idea of the "FRESH IOWA COWPIE" in the early 80's while looking for a gag gift to go along with our singing telegram and balloon business. Little did we know how popular it would become in celebrating every occasion imaginable plus being shipped to about every state and several foreign countries. Even some famous celebrities have been "COWPIED".

We've taken a break for the last few years but we've brought the cows out of retirement. They're anxious to get back to providing "THE ORIGINAL FRESH IOWA COWPIES" to help with your special occasion or maybe by just sending a little piece of Iowa to that special someone to remind them what they've been missing.

We hope the cowpie stirs up memories of running through the farm fields and getting that squishy feeling between your toes. If you've never had the experience, don't fret, these cowpies are "UDDERLY DELICIOUS" homemade fudge that we guarantee tastes better than the one's you'd find in the field. Always remember, we can adapt the label to reflect your state, if desired. We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoy bringing them to you.

See our articles in the Ames Tribune: 2000/12/4 and 2007/12/19